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Resolving Pain with Antibiotics

Antibiotics are sometimes reqiuired when a person has a bacterial infection. The kinds of treatments can vary hugely from mild cases such as acne, dental pain and cystitis to very serious and sometimes life threatening cases such as pneumonia. What is certain is that antibiotic awareness is extremely important, so lets take a look at the facts. 


Methods of antibiotics

Genital Pain

Genital discomfort and recurring pains can be quiet disturbing to people of all ages. Usually adult men and women suffer anguish rather than seeing a doctor to find out out if there is anything wrong. The causes that are associated with this condition are wide and varied. Sometimes it can a symptom of a much bigger problem and sometimes it is nothing to worry about. The fact that we know it can indicate an underlying disease or condition can be a serious cause of worry. So to understand the nature, cause and cure for the pain it is best to get a diagnosis. Treating genital pains and getting the required medical help depending upon the seriousness of the situation is necessary for people suffering from this problem. The NHS sexual health hub is a platform for discussing and creating awareness about this problem.

Genital pain in men, women and children can be explained in most cases. In grown up people, this can be an indication of a sexually transmitted disease that has been contracted. It is not necessary that every time a person experiences pain in his private parts, it means that he or she has contracted an STD. But, it is best to be sure and aware of what are the steps one must take if he/ she experiences excessive discomfort.  Infection and traumas can cause pain in the genital area such as the scrotum, penis, testicles in men and vulva, vagina, and the clitoris in women. For more detailed information you can logon to, which is an online healthcare provider with a free symptom checker on its website.

Here are a few common symptoms

Here are some of the most pertinent gonorrhoea symptoms which might also be indicative of other conditions realted to the genitals. Read More...

STIQ Day to Promote Good Sexual Health

National STIQ day is held just two weeks after the start of the new year and for good reason! It is the best time for everyone to question their sexual health and if it is time for their next testing. This day in the UK is used as an important day for health professionals to promote the need for everyone to have sexual health testing.*

Start your year off in the best way possible and use National STIQ day as an opportunity to focus on building a safer and healthier sexual life for yourself and your partners. Learning about STI's is the first step in ensuring that you never get one of these infections. Learning about getting yourself tested and being healthy is the next step in making sure that should you contract an STI, you know how to get treated and where. Making yourself more aware of STIQ day and what it stands for can make sure that you stay healthy and keep those around you healthy!

How much do you actually know about your sexual health?

Sexually transmitted infections can be passed from person to person through unprotected sex or even through genital contact. Some STI's are very common, while others are far less common and more difficult to diagnose. A great resource to use to help you learn more about your own sexual health can be found at There are ways to prevent yourself from ever contracting an STI and it is important to be aware of your sexual health and how you can improve it to prevent yourself from ever contracting or passing on an STI. Read More...

Are Weight Loss Drugs the Answer?

Losing weight: a battle against yourself

A recent study by the United Nation has shown that the United Kingdom has the highest level of obesity in Wesern Europe, with about a quarter of its adult population being obese. This is a morbid condition that worsens people's lifestyle and health and it even leads to preventable death.

The traditional -and by now, best- way to tackle obesity is a combination of excersise and a correct diet. However, for one reason or another, most people find it really difficult to stick to these two instructions. The bad eating habits that are spread in our culture and the sedentary lifestyle of most men and women are a direct threat to our health. Many people are trying to find a way out of obesity through the help of weight loss pills.


Testing for Meningitis

What is Meningitis?

Meningitis is a medical condition in which the protective membranes that surround the brain and spinal cord become infected, causing damages to the nerves and the brain. Meningitis is most common in babies and children younger than five years; however, anyone can suffer from this condition as can be seen in this recent story where a woman lost her husband to meningitis. Her husband who initially complained of fever and headache became completely unresponsive about five hours after she contacted the NHS non-emergency service. Two days later, he was taken off of life support and it was confirmed that he died of meningitis. According to the NHS, it was a busy period, explaining the five hours delay before they were finally able to get the woman’s husband to the hospital.

Types of Meningitis

There are two types of meningitis:


Viral Meningitis

This type of meningitis is caused by viruses and are easily spread through poor hygiene, coughing and sneezing. Although it is the most common type of meningitis, it is not the most serious and can easily be treated with pain killers and a few weeks of rest. Read More...


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