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Genital Pain

Genital discomfort and recurring pains can be quiet disturbing to people of all ages. Usually adult men and women suffer anguish rather than seeing a doctor to find out out if there is anything wrong. The causes that are associated with this condition are wide and varied. Sometimes it can a symptom of a much bigger problem and sometimes it is nothing to worry about. The fact that we know it can indicate an underlying disease or condition can be a serious cause of worry. So to understand the nature, cause and cure for the pain it is best to get a diagnosis. Treating genital pains and getting the required medical help depending upon the seriousness of the situation is necessary for people suffering from this problem. The NHS sexual health hub is a platform for discussing and creating awareness about this problem.

Genital pain in men, women and children can be explained in most cases. In grown up people, this can be an indication of a sexually transmitted disease that has been contracted. It is not necessary that every time a person experiences pain in his private parts, it means that he or she has contracted an STD. But, it is best to be sure and aware of what are the steps one must take if he/ she experiences excessive discomfort.  Infection and traumas can cause pain in the genital area such as the scrotum, penis, testicles in men and vulva, vagina, and the clitoris in women. For more detailed information you can logon to, which is an online healthcare provider with a free symptom checker on its website.

Here are a few common symptoms

Here are some of the most pertinent gonorrhoea symptoms which might also be indicative of other conditions realted to the genitals.

·         Recurring pains while urinating.

·         Vaginal discharge in women.

·         Discharge from the penis in adult males.

·         Unexpected pangs of pain while having sexual intercourse.

·         Abnormal menstrual bleeding during the menstrual cycles in women.

·         Recurring itching sensation in anal region, inner thigh area, vagina/ penis.

·         Swollen testicles.

·         Ulcers in the genital region accompanied by blisters and rashes.

·         Sores on the genital area which could be painless.

What causes genital pains?

·         Painful ejaculation: This is a kind of pain which happens due to irritation in the urethra or prostrate gland.

·         Pain spasms: This could be because of tumors in the genital area. Any small or big tumor in the penis, scrotum, vagina, testicles etc. can all cause severe pain in the genital region.

·         Priapism: This pain develops in the penis when men are not interested in having sex at that moment but have an erection that will not go away. This can cause permanent damage to the genital area.

·         Vulva or vaginal pain: This can be a serious symptom. It can indicate cervical cancer which is extremely dangerous.

·         Intercourse pains: Some women tend to experience pains during intercourse mostly because of reduced lubrication in the vagina or reduction in the elasticity of the vagina or increased irritation in the vaginal region.

·         Vulvodynia: This is a kind of pain that occurs in women due to improper usage of tampons or exercising. Any activity that causes excessive pressure on the genital region can cause vulvodynia.

·         Pains due to presence of fungi (infections due to yeast formation), a condition called vulvar vestibulitis, urethritis (infection in the urinal tract) are also common in women.

·          Another common cause for discomfort that requires immediate attention can be herpes simplex.

How to deal with Genital pains?

Dealing with genital pains can be quite simple to deal with. This is when the pains are not arising as a result of sexually transmitted diseases. Here are some tips that will come handy when experiencing genital pain:

·         For women: If the pain in the vaginal area is due to the lack of lubrication in the vagina, then, use a lubricant that is water based before engaging in intercourse.

·         Even though this is psychological to a large extent; being aroused helps. When the female genitalia feel the effects of being aroused, then, the vagina expands automatically increasing in width and diameter, thus making any pains due to penetration much reduced.

·         For men: 

·         Considering circumcision if repeated pain is observed in the foreskin and skin stretching has failed

·         Paying attention to the sexual position maybe just as important.

·         Paying attention to the hygiene aspect can be of utmost importance in both men and women. Over-washing can also be a problem.

·         Safe sexual contact has to be ensured. Using precautions such as a condon is advised uless you are in an exclusive sexual relationship.

Since it is difficult to take any action without consulting a physician, utmost care has to be taken to ensure that one does not contract STDs or engage in abnormal sexual practices and pay attention to personal hygiene. One has to understand the seriousness of the situation before treating it. So rather than getting sacred when you see herpes pictures it is sensible to seek professional help at the earliest opportunity.




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